Benefits of E Cigarettes – v – Traditional Cigarettes

There are numerous benefits for people to switch to e cigarettes instead of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. These include:

* The Odor – tobacco cigarettes smell, there is no getting away from that fact. They make a person’s breathe smell, their hands smell; their clothes smell, the room smell (if they smoke indoors) and everything else smell which comes into contact with the cigarette or the smoke. Did I mention the ashtray? No – well they smell too.

* The Price – although it may cost a few bucks to get started with e cigarettes once you have the basic equipment it works out much cheaper than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Cigarettes are extremely expensive these days, it’s a wonder that anybody can afford to do it anymore. Oh, hang on – they are addictive aren’t they. Once you start it’s very difficult to stop so you end up spending money on cigarettes which is really needed elsewhere.

* The Safety – traditional cigarettes involve setting light – aka burning – tobacco. This naturally involves fire. Did you know that cigarettes are the number one fire hazard and are directly responsible for the majority of fires in the home as well as wild fires? Carelessly discarded cigarettes can smolder and burn for a long time setting fire to people’s homes causing devastation, destruction and even death. The red hot cherry can also burn through clothes, furniture and other things. Smoking a traditional cigarette is dangerous in so many ways. E cigarettes with e-liquid, on the other hand do not involve burning anything at all. There is no smoke, there is no fire, there is just vapor.

* Your Health – there are some arguments which say that e cigarettes haven’t been around for long enough for anyone to know the long term health benefits or dangers involved in their use, but we all know about the dangers of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes don’t we? Many people who switch to e cigarettes report that they feel healthier in a short space of time so, as far as I’m concerned – enough said!

* The Social Aspects – cigarette smokers are rapidly becoming social outcasts with no smoking areas popping up all over the place. Traditional cigarettes carry a multitude of health warnings which affect not only the person smoking the cigarette but also anyone in the vicinity. Although it is still debatable in some areas whether e-cigarettes can be smoked in a no smoking area they are less socially disagreeable.

These are just a few of the many benefits you will find if you make the switch to e-cigarettes.